Brandi and I had lunch with our beautiful friend Katie May today.  It’s always fun to have a girly day to talk and piddle around town.  We had heard about a new restaurant in Monroe called Austin’s Bistro.  Truthfully, you never know what you’re going to get around here, so I didn’t get my hopes up!  When we walked in the door, Brandi and I started squealing like little girls!  We’ve been praying for a place like this in our area!  We definitely didn’t feel like we were in Monroe, LA.  Austin, the owner, designer and chef at Austin’s has done a fabulous job creating an ambiance to look forward to.  Just the atmosphere was enough to bring me back, but on top of that, the food was perfect.  If you haven’t experienced this treasure yet, you need to make the effort to go try it out.  You’ll find it on Hudson Lane in the Garden District of Monroe.  I can assure you it will be your new favorite find!
Here are a few snapshots I took of the place today.