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Art of Simple Season: Simple Gift Wrap | Kelly Moore Bag

Art of Simple Season: Simple Gift Wrap



About six months ago, I invested in a huge roll of brown craft paper for my kitchen. Mostly I did it because I saw Martha Stewart had some on her countertop ;-) I thought the kids could use it for crafts.

I will say, it has been so useful!  We use it for art, a quick drop cloth, as a table runner, and it has become my go to wrapping paper.

Since I'm the person who often shows up at a party with a gift in a Walmart bag the brown craft paper is definitely a simple upgrade for me that’s beautiful!

During the Christmas holidays, this is definitely one way I'm planning to simplify my life. No spending money on expensive wrapping paper and bows, or running out yet again when you only have one present left to wrap! It's readily available, and when you dress it up with some yarn and trimmings from the yard, we can pull it off that we’re a prepared, put together person!

Craft paper rolls are easy to find at most office stores or even Target.  You can use your scraps from your wreath or any other clippings from outside. To make things even better, we’ve put together a few gift tags that you can download and print here.

Happy wrapping!



P.S. If you haven’t finished up your Christmas shopping, let us help you!  We have something for everyone from prices ranging from $29 - $229.  See our gift guides here.

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