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Art of a Simple Fall - Campfires | Kelly Moore Bag

Art of a Simple Fall - Campfires

From bonfires to cozy sweaters I love the Fall. I can't think of a better excuse for family gatherings and fun as the leaves begin to change. So here are some new tips for a new season that are stress-free!
First a fun fact... something you may not know about me. I love fire!  I think it would be fair to call me a pyro.  As soon as the weather gets below 70 degrees (I live in Louisiana, so 70 is cool!) we have a fire in the fireplace. And, what’s the only thing better than fire in the fireplace? A fire under the stars! Some of my best memories growing up have happened around campfire.

Friday night bonfires are something we look forward to all week. We gather our supplies of sticks, marshmallows, graham crackers and Reese’s if we’re feeling feisty! S’mores are a beloved tradition that we look forward to year round.
For a simple twist on this favorite campfire favorite, we’ve changed a few basic ingredients. 
Do you have a special S'mores recipe that your family loves? Please share below!!
Graham Crackers
Peanut Butter Cups
one square marshmallow (homemade)

1. Take the peanut butter cup out and place in on a graham cracker.
2. Roast the marshmallow on a cooking stick until it's just how you like it.
3. Place the marshmallow on top of the peanut butter cup, then top with another graham cracker
4. Pull the stick from between the S’more and enjoy this gooey delicious treat.

Thank you to Bayou Life Magazine for not only giving me the opportunity to to be creative with my camera, but for giving me the chance to collaborate! I love being creative with you! 
Styling by: Taylor Bennett
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