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Ari & David

Ari & David

Ari and David have been married 7 years, and for their 7 year anniversary, Ari surprised David with a photo shoot.
Most guys probably wouldn’t have been too excited about that, but David is a photographer, so it was perfect!
They drove in yesterday from Birmingham, AL….and of course it was a monsoon!!
I gave them the option to cancel, but they were good sports,
and said it was really about the experience, so they wanted to shoot in the rain.
We geared up with enough plastic to cover a football stadium.
As usual, this challenging situation allowed us to do things that
we don’t usually do, and we had a blast!
Thanks guys for getting soaked with us, it was really fun!!






This was David’s idea to shoot into the puddles.  Ari said David is obsessed with reflections.  I was glad he made me think outside the box!




You can see here that we were shooting in the rain.









Brandi and I geared up for our shoot….I still ended up laying in a puddle and getting soaked



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