I've learned over the years that creativity truly takes courage. It takes courage to be yourself and to be OKAY with what comes out of you. We can miss the beauty of creativity when we're creating for others approval, because it's about so much more than that! It's about finding out what is placed deep inside of you, and then letting it explode out of you in whatever way that looks like. It's important as creatives we don't push down or shut down the uniqueness of our gift in fear that it won't be received. Stand out! Don't back down from using your gift. The world needs your unique expression!

As a creative myself, I've also learned the power of embracing the process instead of resisting it. It's often intimidating and sometimes overwhelming to go head first into something you don't feel like an expert in, but being in a process is a vital part of becoming an artist. We tend to want to speed up things because we're visionaries and dreamers, but the reality is that the process is created to teach us who we are and to draw out what is deep inside of us. It's okay that things take time! Creating a positive process experience looks like exercising kindness towards yourself, taking risk, trying new things, celebrating each step you take forward and not comparing yourself with others. Whether you're just starting your creative journey or have been in it for years, taking these mindsets into your creative life will bring so much ease and will allow your creativity to flow effortlessly out of who you are!

Jenessa Wait | Weekender

Jenessa is a creative, encourager, and hand-letterer based in Austin, TX. She runs an e-commerce website and collaborates with different brands around the United States. When she's not designing, she loves to explore Austin with husband trying new local food spots and coffee shops.

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