A Chat with Sena Nelson

A Quick Chat with Sena Nelson

The Kelly Moore Bag inside scoop from noted photographer, mom and social media influencer and her thoughts on simplicity & motherhood

1. What does living simply mean to you?
Only purchasing what we need and use. we don’t maintain clutter, but rather, only what is loved and serves us! 
2. What are the 3 best pieces of parenting advice given to you?
Follow YOUR instincts as the mother
Always aim for unity with your partner in parenthood
The newborn phase passes too quickly; don’t rush through it
3. How do you stay present with your family with work and everyday life?
Limiting time on my phone/working while the kids are awake. this year i pushed for slotting dedicated time for emails, dms, shooting, editing etc and when that time is up, it’s up! 
4. How has your creativity changed since becoming a mother?
I still love photography (as i always have!) but now most of my photography is centered around the kids and documenting our days. 
5. How do you create a home when you are on the move?
We’ve moved six times in seven years. i only own pieces we use and love and aim to create a similar style throughout the house. if we move and things don’t fit as they did before, then we can rearrange and put the same pieces in other rooms! 
6. How does your faith inspire your work?
It’s the root of every area in my life; it inspires me to capture and document my journey through motherhood and share the joy of it.
7. Give us your thoughts / feedback on each bag, why do you like it? How do you use it?
Kelly Boy 2.0 - amazing! Eric, my husband, has used it every day since it arrived. The size and quality are excellent and make it very easy to pull the camera out quickly for a candid shot.
Pilot 2.0 backpack- I love the look of it so much but we are honestly struggling with accessibility! We've only carried it a couple of times because accessing the cameras can take a bit more time. this bag will be very handy on trips to fit all the fear in the same bag but for daily outings the Kelly Boy and scout are our go-tos! 

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