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A Chat with Geo Leon | Kelly Moore Bag

A Chat with Geo Leon

A Quick Chat with Geo Leon


The Kelly Moore Bag inside scoop from noted portrait photographer, social media influencer and mentor / teacher


1. How do you stay inspired to create a new and unique portrait each time?

I find inspiration through many things. Some examples are Digital Art, Movies, Video games and music! But recently it’s been mostly digital art.


2. What does your creative process look like? How do you take an inspired idea and turn it into a beautiful portrait? 

I always pre-frame all my ideas in my head from the model to the location - everything has to coincide to get the perfect shot!


3. How do you build a community in Instagram's vast world of creators?

In this day and age there are so many talented creators bringing diversity to the table. The key is to do something that stands you out from everyone else or something unique.


4. What advice can you give to aspiring photographers? Consistency is key! Always shoot! The minute you stop shooting you stop growing. Don’t compare yourself to other photographers, this is your journey and you too will create amazing photographs with time.


5. Timelessness - Our goal is to create bags for every mood and moment to last decades, not days. In today's world, how do you feel digital photography can become timeless artwork?

Innovation will always leave a footprint in society and in the world. Digital photography has already done that but photographers are definitely innovating their style which is definitely timeless!


6. How does your Tourist fit in your life? What are your thoughts and feedback on your bag and why do you like it?

I LOVE MY KMB Bag! It’s comfortable, I can take it anywhere and it doesn’t even look like your everyday camera bag which is a big plus for me! Definitely satisfied with how stylish and comfortable my KMB [tourist] is.


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