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30 Day Cleanse……Day 2

30 Day Cleanse……Day 2

I’m not at my house right now, so I can’t post any fun pics, but I thought I’d give you a quick update on how yesterday went.
I went to the park again and walked about an hour yesterday morning.  It’s something about this crisp weather that gives me lots
of energy.  It was pretty non eventful, except I saw a snake, that was pretty cool. 
I threw sticks at it becasue I wanted it to do somethingcrazy, but it just slithered away….boo, boring.
I made a yummy lunch.  I sliced eggplant really thin, battered it in egg and pan fried it in pecan oil. 
Then I topped it with our salsa we made the day before. 
I felt pretty fancy eating eggplant for lunch! 
I think that we always think cooking from scratch takes forever, but so far, it’s been pretty fast and easy.
Kelly boy and Posey have been out of town for a few days, so I’ve been living the single life. 
Brandi and I packed up our stuff, and spentthe night at our freind Katie May’s house. 
We might have forgotten our toothbrushes, but we darn sure didn’t forget our food! 
It was hilarious, we literally packed a ice chest full of food we could eat! 
You can see where our priorites are!  It was chicken and roasted asparagus for dinner.
For dessert, we made popcorn again(from scratch, of course), and drizzled a honey butter glaze over it.  D-I-E.  Even if you aren’t doing this
cleanse, you need to make that for yourself.  It was amazing! 
My Diet Coke cravings weren’t horrible yesterday, but my headache was brutal.  It set in around 3:00 and peaked around midnight. 
I thought my head was going to explode.  It’s actually kind of scarry. 
I was thinking, “anything that can make you feel this way by NOT drinking it, can’t be good for you”.
I seriously feel like i’m in detox. 
I had a friend write me on face book and if I may quote her….”Beat that body and make it your slave”

Hope you are all doing well, thanks for your comments and encouragement.  If I can do it, so can you!

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