I’m sure you’ve all seen this on Facebook. I resisted it as long as possible, but after the 23rd time Brandi asked me if I would do it, I caved in. Let’s be honest, we all like talking about ourselves. Maybe I didn’t want to post b/c I knew my deep dark secrets, you wouldn’t think I was cool anymore?? Oh well, it had to happen eventually.
Here is is:

1. I pick my nose in the car. Yes, and I don’t apologize for it! You know you do it too!

I’m addicted to diet coke. I have to have one every morning. Depending on who is up first, either Brandi or I goes to the store to get one…and it must be fountain. For the past 3 years, my new years resolutions have been to quit.

3. I am rough around the edges. I don’t know exactly what that means, but on a LOVE AFFAIR WORKSHOP evaluation form, one of the attendees said that about me. I’m pretty sure it means I’m always inappropriate.

4. I’m a fluctuator. I’m always up 20, down 15, up 10, down 5. I just love to eat. It’s a passion that I take very seriously!

5. I gained 60 lbs when I had Posey…yes you read that correctly! What can I say, I enjoyed eating for 2. I hope to only eat for one the 2nd go round. It was too much trouble trying to loose all that baby weight!

6. I used to have serious fear of aliens and tornadoes. Not necessarily happening simultaneously. The Lord has delivered me from those fears

7. I once had a mullet.

8. I once got in a fist fight with my brother over a belt.

9. I don’t like anyone touching my belly button, my ears or my nose.

10. When I get scared, I immediately grab my ears. This isn’t a great habit if you are driving.

11. My vehicle is paid for, and I will drive it until the wheels fall off.

12. Well, my favorite color is light tan. My favorite animal is puppies. I like serving the lord. Hiking, play volleyball……if you can’t tell, my favorite movie is Nacho Libre.

13. I have an obsession with change…my hair, my clothes, my house, my website. I do plan on keeping the same husband, though.

14. I’m married to a man named Kelly, and his father is Kelly also. Lots of Kellys!

15. I’ve never had braces. Growing up I had a 1/2 inch gap in my front 2 teeth. When all my teeth grew in, it eventually grew together. The dentist told me I have the most perfect teeth he’d seen without braces.

16. I got into photography b/c of an old boyfriend. I guess all things happen for a reason!

17. I once picked up a hitch hiker, and let him stay the night at my house. My Prayer: Lord, please don’t let my daughter be as stupid as I was!

18. I spent a summer in Istanbul, Turkey.

19. I wear spanx everyday. Sarah Blakely is my hero.

20. I’ve never been a bridesmaid.

21. I am a social butterfly, an extrovert and a recluse.

22. I’ve been baptized 2 times. Once when I was 5, and once in a pool in the winter at 2:00 in the morning.

23. I named my Daughter Posey b/c it’s my mom’s maiden name….not b/c I pose people.

24. I Love Jesus…..but I drink a little. Click here to view

25. I’ve moved 20 times in my lifetime. I guess that’s where I get the whole loving change thing from.