Hey! I’m Heather Land.  I am actually one-half of the namesake of the 2 Sues bag.

I live in the “Way Out” with my hubby of 18 years and my two girls just a “pig trail” through the woods from Kelly Moore and her family.

You could say I’m a modern-day, old-fashioned homemaker in every sense of the word. I live by my five senses, creating memorable experiences from the simple and mundane of everyday. I love to host, entertain, cook, and create craft cocktails that force you to slow down and savor each bite and/or sip and all the moments in between. I live and teach Life to my girls on a clock all their own.

Once upon a time there was a girl who always needed time to process.


The End.


Once upon a time she did need time to process ev-er-y thing. This was a learned habit - one handed down from the world that helped raise her.

But then she had kids.

They made her realize that there were things worth processing (your thoughts, your words, big decisions) and there were things worth tucking and rolling with. She suddenly realized that she had to choose wisely what she wanted to stop to process, because she recognized her insane ability to think herself right out of some potentially great chances in life.

And that more times than not, the BEST things were the ones she just said “yes!” to (with a big fat exclamation point). These times were the ones that led to the next best things. Which made for some pretty great memories.

The End.

It’s a bit of a European mentality - the impromptu get together where everyone brings a bottle of wine or a dish and sits around for one long, late, rich conversation. I experienced it young- as a teenager- while spending time in London, and it stuck. This way of life felt good to me, natural.

But it has been a challenge to keep it alive in my life here in America over the years, where the majority run the race and are too busy to stop and share their time with one another - too busy doing everything else and nothing at all. I have chosen to go against this grain. It has always been my nature - going against the grain. Not to be rebellious, but because I allow my heart and soul to lead the way. This is my true person. I do not feel fulfilled by being aimlessly busy or pulled in many directions at once. This mentality paired with being perfectly planned, organized and photo-ready are all LEARNED attitudes. They are ingrained by our surroundings and our culture.

It is a challenge to unschool yourself from these ways. You must first recognize that YOU alone MAKE YOUR TIME. You choose how much or how little you “have”. Next, YOU alone choose HOW TO SPEND IT. Seems the majority also root for people who are insanely busy, thus qualifying them as “accomplished”. Today, multi-tasking is the only way; instant gratification flooding our every move. As parents, we create more pressures - that now, not only should WE be busy to prove our worth, but our children should be as well. They should get endless opportunities to keep them from being found bored or still at any given moment. And it is here, in the chaos that many people merely survive at life. It is almost maddening to hear people say they “would love to but” … they just don’t have the time for anything outside of their scheduled lives.

For me, I believe that it is one of the most important things we can learn to do for ourselves - to be still. Do not confuse this with lazy or lifeless. That is, to be quiet, to be alone, to sit in a hushed stillness and be ok, without fear, uneasiness, or god-forbid a sense of failure. I believe that this (stillness) is where I gain the most perspective for what really matters to me. It is here I am in touch with the excesses that need to be shed. Stillness is the place where we can relax and release so that when we start moving again, we are light and OPEN to the Universe and all that it has to offer without us even searching….like when you receive a last minute text asking to crash for the night.

If you are interested in the rest of the story… tune in for Part II …

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These words just soaked right into my soul. So much of what has been swirling around when I let life get quiet, is exactly what you’ve said right here. Can’t wait for part two.

Lindsay | wild&wonder

I have always been good at the alone time. But not good at “still” time. Thanks for writing a great post reminding me how important it is to keep trying! And now I totally want to have an impromptu gathering!

Michelle Franzetti