Hey Guys! Meet Amanda, one of our wonderful Brand Ambassadors! We asked her if she would share a DIY Holiday Tradition with us that her family do each year.  She was kind enough to share this super cute and easy DIY wrapping paper.

DIY Craft Paper wrapping paper by 
Amanda at @homesweetfour
That’s a wrap!! Spent our sunday crafting a little diy holiday tradition Bennett and I accidentally adopted a few years ago. I love that something we just did just because one year has now become a tradition Bennett insists on doing every year.
What you'll need:
- Paint
- Brown Craft paper.
- Stencils of some sort. We used a cookie cutter!
- Paint Brush
- Greenery for the top of the car.  It can be anything! Go foraging in your back yard!
- Jute string to tie...also, feel free to use anything you have or anything that looks good to you!
- Glue to glue your greenery to the top of your truck
Don't limit yourself to a truck! You can use any stencil you'd like.  Mix and match shapes, colors and string color.  Just have fun!

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