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12 DIY Days of Christmas: Day 6

12 DIY Days of Christmas: Day 6

To celebrate the Christmas season, I’ve asked some of my closest(and most creative) friends to share with us their favorite holiday DIY projects.  I’m excited to introduce you to my friends as well as their great ideas!  They will be sharing recipes, decorating ideas, projects you can do with your kids and more. Stay tuned for the next few weeks, and hopefully we will all be inspired to be creative this season. Make sure to leave them a comment letting them know you loved their project!

Today Libby is sharing with us 3 fun non traditional Christmas Trees that you can make from everyday items.  Libby has been a long time friend of mine, and you may recognize her name because one of my bags is named after her!  Libby is a graphic designer, and is such a creative person!  She always inspires me
Thanks for sharing Libby!







Libby’s Christmas Trees

Item’s you will need:

Paper Plate Christmas Tree:
paper plates
chicken wire
hole punch

Tissue Christmas Tree:
chicken wire

Clothes Pin Christmas Tree:
chicken wire
clothes pins

Each of the 3 trees made will begin with a base of chicken wire.  You can make small trees or very large trees.  With each of the trees, first decide on what size you’ll be making and then form the chicken wire into a cone shape so that it resembles a Christmas Tree.  You can use wire to secure your chicken wire into the cone shape, or just bend the chicken wire and attach it to itself.  Once you have your cone shape, you can decide which tree you’ll make.

-For the paper plate tree, you can see the photos below of how we folded the plates, punched a hole through the plate, then attached it to the tree.  It’s important that you punch the hole and tie it to the tree all while it’s still folded so the plate will stay curved.
-For the Kleenex tree, you just stuff kleenex into the chicken wire until it looks fluffy!
-For the clothes pin tree, just attach the clothes pins to the chicken wire.  You can even spray paint it once you’re finished if you want to jazz it up a little!


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