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12 days until the big 30!! | Kelly Moore Bag

12 days until the big 30!!

Well, July is here, and I’m excited about turning 30 on the 13th! I know my brain dump the other day sounded bleek, but you know everything is always better the next morning
I want this month to be a big ole party! My goal is to blog something fun every day until my birthday. Now that July is here, my schedule is thinning out a bit, so I’m finally going to get to blog all those wonderful weddings I’ve been shooting the past 3 months!!! In addition to that, I want to show you my new pretty house, and hopefully throw some handsome kel and posey in the mix with that too.
I’m going to be giving away birthday presents too! Stay tuned every day so you won’t miss out on the fun.
Ok, to win the first birthday present, I need you to show me some love. Be creative… me a photo of you telling me happy birthday…..and my feelings will be hurt if no one responds! I’ll post the images that you guys send me on the blog this week….that is unless I don’t get any….then I’ll just sulk I’ll pick the one I like best, and they will get a present!
You can email your photo to:
P.S. I’m 4 lbs. down….I’m not giving up on my skinny jeans!
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