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12 Days of DIY Christmas: Day 1

To celebrate the Christmas season, I’ve asked some of my closest(and creative) friends to share with us their favorite holiday DIY projects.  I’m excited to introduce you to my friends as well as their great ideas!  They will be sharing recipes, decorating ideas, projects you can do with your kids and more. Stay tuned for the next few weeks, and hopefully we will all be inspired to be creative this season!


Katie May’s DIY Fabric Wreath

I want to introduce you to my friend Katie May.  Katie might have more creative energy in her pinky than I do in my whole body!  Katie is a photographer as well, and I even have a bag named after her!  Katie is one of the 2 Sues that the 2 Sues Bag is named after.  Today, Katie is sharing with us her DIY Fabric Wreath.  The great part about this wreath is it’s a perfect project for Christmas, but you can make something like this for year round use as well.

Thanks Katie for sharing!!





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