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my take on selfies

OK people, can we talk about selfies? Some are good, and some are real bad. In this age of shameless selfie’s, shouldn’t we at least be making the most of what we have? I mean, I’m no Kim Kardashian, the queen of selfie’s (who supposedly doesn’t even take her own, does that even count??) but using the knowledge that I’ve gained over the years, I feel like I have a little something to add.

Plus, we are giving away a Kelly Moore Bag to keep your selfie camera in. I’m also throwing in a Starbucks gift card,  so you can take you and your friends out for coffee and get a selfie together (see DO tip below)!  Just share your favorite selfie tip from this post or your own selfie tip in the comments and you’ll automatically be entered into the giveaway!

smoke and mirrors

Even posting about selfies seems so vain, but we all have Instagram and we all have Facebook, so why not put our best face forward.  Nothing pains me more than to see a perfectly beautiful person post an absolutely terrible selfie… On the other hand, it also is a little painful when someone tells you “wow! your photos are so good”… But you know in real life you don’t look like that.  Smoke and mirrors my friend, smoke and mirrors.

a little fun

Today, let’s do some fun Do’s and Don’t’s….


Don’t: take a pic to see how your butt looks and forget your face is in it


Do: add cute farm animals


Do: add cute kids and shoot from a high angle


Don’t: try to get your eyelashes #fail


Do: take a selfie with your family even if you don’t have makeup. It’s for you and your memories!


Do: use windowlight


Don’t: wear your seatbelt and stick out your tongue


Don’t: let your friend paint your eyebrows


Do: crop out your face if necessary


Do: wear sunglasses and add a latte & cute friends


Don’t: look at your phone and and accidentally take a pic from below


Do: turn to the side when taking a full body selfie…but make sure your husband is dressed.


Don’t: forget you can use your the timer if you want to try something creative!


Do: be silly, have fun, and be you



10 more tips that will make you love your selfie

1.  Everyone has a side of their face that is more photogenic.  For the majority of people, research has shown that it’s the left side of your face that looks the most open and friendly.  To find out for yourself, put a piece of paper over each side of your face.  One side will be more naturally upturned around your mouth and eyes.  When taking a selfie, put that side of your face closest to the camera

2.  One of my favorite poses is to turn my head to the side and keep my shoulders down

3.  Get someone to say something funny to you or think of something funny yourself.  If you can get yourself to have a genuine emotion then your photo will look more real and your personality and eyes will shine in a more authentic way.

4.  Double chin?  If you feel like you always manage to make yourself look like you have a double chin, try this: make your neck feel as long as possible by imagining a cord pulling you up from the top of your head, push your face forward, and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth.  This sounds awkward but it totally makes a difference!

5.  Shoot from slightly above.  Try for about a a 45 degree angle and stretch out your arms as far as possible.  It makes your eyes look bigger and more open as well as slims your face. 

6.  Find the good light.  Make sure there’s light in front of you.  It will help to make your eyes have more sparkle.  Think in terms of subtractive light (learned this from my good friend, Lauren Clark).  A good example of this would be a window or a garage with an open door. Basically, the light is being subtracted on all sides and is being forced in through the front. Voila! Gorgeous light on your beautiful face!

7.  Take more photos of yourself and hop into more photos with other people.  The more you take photos and the more you practice you get, the more comfortable you’ll begin feeling in front of the camera.  As you get more comfortable, your confidence will increase and you’ll even start feeling more accepting of yourself and the way you look.  

8.  Don’t worry if the first photo you take of yourself isn’t awesome!  Take lots of photos in a row, trying different angles and poses.  The more photos you take the more likely you’ll end up with one that you really love.  Rarely does anyone take one selfie of themselves and say, “Nailed it!” on the first shot.  Most of us who are practicing selfies have to take lots of shots to get one that is just the way we want it.

9.  Pay attention to your background.  You want the focus to be on your face, typically, not on the bed piled with clothes or your messy closet floor (unless, of course, that’s what you’re trying to show…that, or your husband getting dressed).

10.  Have fun and be yourself!  Let your selfie show your personality. If you’re a little bit goofy, show that side of you.  

11.  If you’re a mom, get your kids in your selfie with you.  If you’re out with your friends, hop in a photo together.  Don’t worry so much about how you look, instead, focus on the people you love and the memories you’re making together and getting in a photo together.

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